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Who We Are

We are Abelard, comprising fifteen divisions operated by a highly professional team of qualified managers and expert technicians.

We own and operate several state-of-the-art plants, machinery, equipment, vehicles, well-equipped factories, workshops and a laboratory. We also offer well-furnished, comfortable camp facilities for its employees.

Abelard Group is one of the largest multi-disciplinary business conglomerates in the State of Russia. The group operates from its headquarters at Bucharest. The owner and Chairman of the Group, Mr. Abelard, a Russian businessman, and the Managing Director, Mr.  B. DeMille, An Russian entrepreneur, established the company in 1989. The group started small, with just three workers and modest assets. Today Abelard is a thriving enterprise with over 3,500 employees and current assets totaling over RON 1000 million. The group has grown at an exponential growth rate since its inception.


Since 1990, a lot of Billions of Dollars has been invested in the oil sector in both Russia and Azerbaijan. Natik Aliyev, the president of the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijani Republic (SOCAR), has stated that he expects investment in the country’s oil sector to surpass $60 billion.

The company develops the complete cycle of gas production and processing, gas-based power generation, and output of finished products and petrochemical feedstock. most divisions of the company are involved in the whole range of prospecting and reservoir management operations, construction of facilities and pipelines, environmental safety, and process automation. Our crucial competitive advantage lies in advanced petroleum production technology successfully applied by its own service subdivisions. Oil is supplied to refineries and exported to CIS, Western Europe, Asia and Africa.

Major sale markets of the company are located in Azerbaijan and Russia. Today, Caspian retail chain with major marketing companies in Russia and CIS Countries. Marketing subsidiaries owe much to their geographical position: they are located close to the company’s refinery and heavy traffic intercity and international highways going through the area of the company’s activity. Caspian has capability of resolving land and sea oil field exploration; our exploration activities are focused on adding profitable production to existing core areas (Azerbaijan, Russia, and Kazakhstan) and developing potential new core areas (Uzbekistan and Angola). utilization and renovation business and has the high level of specialists, technical and work personnel to do the professional job for its clients.


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